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FLORENDI is a French company specialising in plant nutrition for the consumer market, industrial groups and professional gardeners.

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FLORE&DI, the brand that will give you green fingers!

Florendi lauches a new brand that will give you green fingers!


Perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners, a one-stop solution for anyone who dreams of growing beautiful plants for their home or garden.



Product FLORE&DI
Florendi, spécialiste de la Nutrition Végétale

Florendi About us

Our vocation is to provide innovative, high-performance solutions for plants to meet the expectations of our customers:

  • amateur gardeners, whether novice or expert, whether they garden every day or just once in a while, in cities or in the countryside, whether they have ten green fingers or none at all!
  • professionals, including industrial groups, gardeners or local communities

Our ambition is to offer a range of made-in-France products that are highly effective whether conventional or suitable for use in organic farming, and packaged in eco-friendly packaging.

As an affiliate of the Groupe ROULLIER, we benefit from the group’s 60 years of expertise in building a balanced approach to fertilization. As such, we are able to draw from their long history of success, a unique Research and Development centre, flexible production units and highly committed teams.

Who are we?

Our company was founded in Cognac in the early 20th century, under the name “Maison Frédéric Renaud.” Even in those early days, the company’s activity was focused on aiding amateur gardeners and professional groundskeepers.

In 1993, we joined the Groupe Roullier, a specialist in plant nutrition for the agricultural sector. The group’s ambition was to make our expertise available to the General Public.

In 2006 the company underwent a “rebirth”, relocating to Brittany to be closer to the Group’s historic headquarters and production facilities. We became FLORENDI. Our proud heritage serves as a robust foundation, allowing us to adapt to the evolving trends and needs of modern gardening.


Florendi In figures




Of which exports



Production & Storage


12 000m2




Explore Florendi Grand Public

An extensive range of products for amateur gardeners: We produce, package and sell products to nourish, protect and care for your plants. Our products are designed for every amateur gardener, whether they’re growing in urban or rural environments, and whether they’re beginners or seasoned veterans in the garden. We offer both proprietary products and store-brand items, working in partnership with traditional retail outlets.



Like every living thing, plants require healthy and balanced nutrition - which is why we offer a wide range of specialised fertilizers: conventional or suitable for use in organic farming, solid or liquid, or enriched with agronomic additives sourced from marine or plant life. The formulae for all our fertilizers are developed using premium natural materials based on the needs of the plants in question, in order to provide them with the essential nutrition they need to grow strong and stay healthy.



Supplementing our fertilizers, we offer a range of industry-approved biocontrol products developed using natural substances sourced from plants or minerals. Our biocontrol products are designed to protect both indoor and outdoor plants from harmful influences such as weeds, slugs, aphids, diseases and fungi. We also take care to protect your home and its surroundings with a range of biocides to combat infestation by mosquitoes, flies, ants, rats and mice.


Plant Care

No fertilizers, no biocontrol, no biocides: in addition to these 3 product families we also offer alternative products: nettle manure, black soap, mechanical barriers and traps.

Explore Florendi Professional

An expert product range for the amateur gardening industry, professional gardeners and groundskeepers, and communities


As an affiliate of the Groupe ROULLIER, we benefit from the group’s 60 years of expertise in building a balanced approach to fertilization. As such, we are able to draw from their long history of success, a unique Research and Development centre, flexible production units and highly committed teams.

One of our major assets is the Centre Mondial de l’Innovation, which employs over 120 expert staff with cutting-edge expertise in the physio-chemistry of soils and plants. Every day we collaborate with the CMI to perfect the unique properties of our products, notably their marine- and plant-based formulae: this has been the Group’s strength since its creation, and is what sets Florendi apart as a company. All our products are developed via this research, dedicated to a healthy, environmentally friendly approach to fertilization.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our professional clients, we offer products:

  • Whose technical feasibility properties have been fully validated prior to full-scale production
  • Which are manufactured at one of our three factories in Brittany (2 in Saint-Malo and 1 in Pontrieux)
  • Whose formulae have been developed based on the specific needs of the plants in question, and enriched with approved agronomic additives
  • Available in liquid or solid form: granules, mini-granules or micro-granules

Florendi Our factory

Our factory is organised into 3 departments:



The incoming deliveries bay represents 2000 storage areas

and unloads 10 – 15 HGVs per week.


The packaging facility is made up of 7 lines enabling us to produce 2.5M units per year, including both solid and liquid products ranging in size from 100ml to 14kg.


The dispatch area covers 7600 storage areas, 1200 of which are picking-configured. Each year, the team prepares and ships 300,000 packages.


Florendi Our commitments


Encouraging 100% made in France products

Supply, Production, Packaging


Shifting towards a 100% natural product range

With products suitable for Use in Organic Farming OR made with natural substances OR bio-controlled OR alternative.


Favouring the use of eco-designed packaging

Reduced-weight packaging.


Contribute to the development of employees

Integration programme, Training, HSE policy, multi-department group work, professional mobility, internships and work-study

Florendi Our ambitions


Proposer une offre de jardinage qui réponde aux attentes de nos clients : Fabriqué en France, utilisable en Agriculture Biologique, à base de substances naturelles avec des emballages Eco-responsables


Accompagner les jardiniers amateurs, les professionnels et les collectivités locales dans la démarche " zéro-phyto "


Réintégrer la nutrition des végétaux dans la liste des bonnes pratiques du jardinier amateur

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Do you enjoy rising to a challenge and getting your teeth into new projects? Whether you have green fingers or not, come join a team that is 100% committed and ready to welcome new colleagues with open arms!

32 employés
2/3 femmes
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36 âge moyen des employés
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